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Zoomby.ru offers users to watch programs that they might have missed on television. Content from the television channels Rossiya 1, Rossiya 2, Rossiya 24, Moya Planeta, Sport 1, Kultura, NTV and TV Center is accessible through the portal. Zoomby.ru also works with the film companies Lenfilm, Amedia, Central Partnership, Karmen Film, Studio MONOLIT, Volga, PMT, RWS, CPT Holdings Inc., Total Content, All Media and others, to gain legal access to their products.

The Zoomby.ru content library holds more than 40,000 items, which have a total running time of over 18,000 hours.

Zoomby.ru launched in 2010 and became one of the first legal online video theaters (in Russia). Gazprom-Media acquired the resource in 2014 and it is now part of the holding's Internet business division.


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