1,85 billion

mounthly views of online advertising

28.6 million

users - the reach of GRMD


online platforms served by GPMD

Gazprom-Media Digital serves over 30 online platforms on the Russian-language Internet with combined reach of 28.6 million people: Rutube, Now.ru, Tnt-online.ru, Championat.ru, Dom2.ru, tv3.ru, friday.ru, 2x2tv.ru, Karaoke.ru, Newstube.ru, VideoRoll, Sibnet.ru, CarambaTV.ru, Megogo.ru, the Dozhd and Moskva 24 television channel websites, Planet-Online, Zoomby.ru, Look At Media, Sportbox.ru, Slon.ru, Coub.com, Theoryandpractice.ru, the Pladform content distribution networks (including the popular social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki), as well as the websites belonging to Rambler&Co (Rambler.ru, Gazeta.ru, Lenta.ru, Afisha.ru, LiveJournal.com, Autorambler.ru, Eda.ru, Letidor.ru, Motor.ru, Secretmag.ru, and others).

Alcasar-Media sells online ads on GPM-Digital's platforms in the Russian regions.

One of GPM-Digital's main strengths is that it offers its advertiser clients an advanced video ad format “all-roll.” In this format, the video ad runs up to 20 seconds and is played at three intervals – pre, middle and post-roll. GPM-Digital clients have a unique opportunity to select different targeting for their ad campaigns.

GPM-Digital was established in fall 2011 and started selling ads on the Russian-language Internet in January 2012.


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125284 Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 780-60-39

Fax: +7 (495) 780-60-39

E-mail: pr@gpm-digital.com , sales@gpm-digital.com