About us
Gazprom-Media Holding comprises television, radio, printing press, cinema production, advertising, movie theaters and internet assets.

The company was founded on January 21, 1998.

Gazprom-Media Holding is one of the largest media holdings in Russia and Europe.

Gazprom-Media Holding claims as the main objective of its activities accumulation and development of media assets.

Regarding assets its main principle is to supervise business not content. Every media project must keep high quality and occupy its own niche. That is why all the Gazprom-Media Holding projects (informative, analytical or entertaining) are in great demand and popular practically with the entire population in this country.

Gazprom-Media Holding includes:
TV companies NTV and TNT , satellite TV company NTV-PLUS
Radio stations Echo of Moscow, CITY-FM, Relax-FM, Detskoe radio, Comedy Radio
Publishing house Seven Days: 7 Days TV-Program, Caravan of Stories’ Collection, Caravan of Stories. Newspapers Tribuna and a TV guide Panorama TV.
Film- production company NTV-KINO
Cinema-theater Oktyabr
Internet video hosting Rutube
Gazprom-Media Technology
Gazprom-Media (TV and Radio advertising)
Gazprom-Media Digital (Internet advertising)
Telebasis, Komstek engineering company and Advertising company SMS (real estate management and ownership).